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The first domestically-developed 700 kg Shanhe "Aurora SA70L" light sport aircraft was awarded the type certificate


General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Sunward Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

The 99th and 100th Sunward SA60L aircraft rolled off the assembly line and delivered


July 24-30, participated in the American EAA Flyer Conference

On July 24, obtained the AS9100D quality management system certificate for light sport aircraft

On August 20th, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officially included the Sunward SA60L Arola aircraft in the Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) brand/model catalog

On November 8, Chengdu Sunward was awarded the Aurora SA60L-T Production License (PC), the first complete machine production license for general aircraft in Sichuan Province.


On July 31, the first TCB meeting of Hunan Sunward Technology SA160L five-seater aircraft was successfully held

On July 31st, the Ceremony for the Model Certificate (TC) Awarding Ceremony of the Sunward SA60L-is EFI Deluxe Aircraft was successfully held

On November 6-11, the "Shanhe SA160L" five-seater aircraft, SA60L-is luxury EFI version, SA60U (fixed-wing) UAV, SUH50 Feiyue unmanned helicopter, and Delta Eagle engine appeared at the 12th China International Aerospace Expo

On December 6th, Sunward Southwest Aviation Industry Base-Chengdu Sunward Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will be put into use soon


On May 9th, Shanhe "Aurora SA60L-T", the first high-prototype light sports aircraft in China, was awarded the type design approval

On August 27th, Xu Dazhe, governor of Hunan Province, investigated Sunward Technology and instructed to seize the opportunity of general aviation development to build a distinctive national brand.


On October 28, Sunward's new five-seater aircraft SA160 successfully rolled off the production line and participated in the 11th Zhuhai Air Show



Recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Hunan Province

The science and technology project "Light Sports Aircraft" was included in the 2014 Hunan Province "Hundred Patent Transformation Promotion Plan" key patent technology transformation project

The appearance patent "Ultralight Aircraft" won the Outstanding Design Award of the 16th China Patent Awards

October "Shanhe General Aviation Industry Base Construction" project was supported by the special guiding fund support of Hunan Province to cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries


In March, Zhuzhou Shanhe Aviation Industry Base was completed and put into production, and the company moved to Zhuzhou City as a whole

On May 7th, the light sport aircraft obtained the first domestic light sport aircraft production license PC (PC0023A-ZN) issued by the Civil Aviation of China


In August, Zhuzhou Shanhe Aviation Industry Base started construction

October 9 Obtained the 147 type training license for civil aviation (No. D.147.300012)

In November, Sunward Arola SA60L light sports aircraft won the first China Excellent Industrial Design Gold Award (only 10 in the country)


June 29 The light sport aircraft obtained the first domestic type design approval TDA (TDA015-ZN) issued by Civil Aviation of China


In September Sunward Arola SA60L light sport aircraft obtained Italian registration certification


2009 Hunan Provincial Science and Technology Major Special Project: Research on key technologies for the industrialization of light aircraft.


In March 2008, Hunan Sunward Technology Co., Ltd. was established.

In October 2008, the first Shanhe Arola SA60L light sport aircraft prototype rolled off the production line and participated in the Zhuhai Air Show.


Sunward Aviation Research Institute was established


Into the aviation field

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