Sunward SA60L-iS

Product description

The Sunward SA60L-iS luxury aircraft is based on the SA60L light sports aircraft. It is the third model that Sunward Technology has released to the market after the SA60L and SA60L-T to be awarded the Type Certificate (TC).

SA60L-IS uses an advanced Rotax 912 iS2 Sport fuel direct injection aero engine. Compared with the SA60L standard version, the fuel consumption of SA60L-iS is reduced by 13%. At the same time, it is also equipped with two touchable Garmin G3X 10-inch screens, electronic backup instrument Garmin G5, backup battery, navigation/communication/ADS-B transponder system, Bluetooth connection, new high-end interior, more convenient and safer , More beautiful and more comfortable.

Product parameter



Maneuvering speed

180 km/h

Horizontal machine height


Take-off speed

85 km/h flap 10°



Take off and run off the ground

180 m

Main track

1.79 m

Landing roll stop distance

175 m

Empty weight

350 kg

Maneuvering load limit

+4G -2G

Maximum take-off weight

600 kg

Glide ratio

12.5 0° flap speed 135 km/h

Unsurpassable speed

270 km/h

Maximum ceiling

4500 m

Stall speed

73 km/h flap 45°

Front device window

500mmX400mm, can load 40kg

Cruising speed

220 km/h

Rear device window

400mm X350mm, can load 20kg

Product advantages

  • Visual night flight function

    Standard night flight equipment such as cockpit lights, landing lights, taxi lights, anti-collision lights, instrument lights, etc., with visual night flight functions, has been approved by the Administration.

  • Autopilot function

    Roll, pitch, and yaw three-axis servo drive, multiple autopilot modes, make long-distance flight easier.

  • Good economy

    The aircraft is equipped with a Rotax912-is sport electronic injection engine. This engine is controlled by the engine electronic control system. Compared with the ordinary version of the Rotax912ULS engine, the fuel consumption is reduced by 13%, the power output is more flexible, easier to maintain, and has a higher level of Safety performance.

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