Sunward SA60L

Product description

Sunward SA60L aircraft is a single-engine, two-seater light sport aircraft independently developed by Sunward Technology. Its flight performance and safety have reached the international advanced level. It is easy to use and maintain, and has a beautiful appearance. It is the first Chinese civil aviation airworthiness certification. National brand light sport aircraft.

After more than ten years of technological accumulation, Sunward SA60L aircraft has been continuously optimized and innovated. It has successfully developed three series of SA60L, SA60L-T, and SA60L-IS, a total of ten models. Sunward SA60L standard series aircraft are equipped with Rotax912 UL S2 aero engine and mechanical instrument avionics system. Its appearance is beautiful, easy to use and maintain, and the comprehensive cost performance is very high. It is suitable for private flight, pilot training, tourism, aerial survey and remote sensing and aerial photography.

Product parameter



Maneuvering speed

180 km/h

Horizontal machine height


Take-off speed

85 km/h flap 10°



Take off and run off the ground

180 m

Main track

1.79 m

Landing run stop distance

175 m

Empty weight

350 kg

Maneuvering load limit

+4G -2G

Maximum take-off weight

600 kg

Glide ratio

12.5 0° flap speed 135 km/h

Unsurpassable speed

270 km/h

Maximum ceiling

4500 m

Stall speed

73 km/h flap 45°

Front device window

500mmX400mm, can load 40kg

Cruising speed

220 km/h

Rear device window

400mm X350mm, can load 20kg

Product advantages

  • National brand, the first domestic model, awarded FAA airworthiness certification:

    my country's first national self-owned brand light sports aircraft to obtain airworthiness certification from the Civil Aviation Administration of China has the largest market share of light sports aircraft in China; it has been awarded the FAA airworthiness certification of the United States.

  • Fully independent design and fully independent manufacturing:

    Each design drawing, calculation, and test work is completed by the Sunward R&D team; it has obtained a number of patents and won the China Excellent Industrial Design Gold Award in 2012. It stood out from thousands of participating projects and ranked second. In Zhuzhou and Chengdu, it has the domestic first-class Shanhe Aviation Industry Base, integrating R&D, manufacturing, flight test and operation.

  • Has good safety performance:

    The amount of carbon fiber used by Sunward SA60L series aircraft is far greater than that of similar aircraft at home and abroad, and the carbon fiber composite structure accounts for >90%. The stability and agility of the aircraft are very excellent, and it can be easily made: large gradient hovering, continuous somersaults, rolls, tail spins, unpowered gliding, and particularly good handling (evaluated by domestic and foreign pilots who have piloted the aircraft). Long-distance glide with the engine off in the air, the glide ratio reaches 1:12; the spin, somersault, and roll prove its high strength and high maneuverability; in the ground static load destructive experiment, the positive load reaches 8 G and the load Heda 4 G;

  • Low operating cost

    Can take off and land on simple roads, dirt roads and hard grass; use 95# unleaded, alcohol-free gasoline for vehicles, one 60-liter fuel tank on the left and right wings, full load of 120L, and 12-16 liters of fuel consumption per hour. It can provide a one-way range of more than 1200km, and the fuel consumption per 100km is only about 8 liters.

The models are serialized and configured to meet different customer needs:

After more than ten years of technological accumulation, Sunward SA60L aircraft has successfully developed three series of aircraft products, SA60L, SA60L-T, and SA60L-IS, with a total of 10 models. The configuration is rich and can meet the needs of different levels and individual customers.

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