Composite parts

Product description

Sunward's composite materials and parts products are based on the company’s more than ten years of experience in aviation product design and production, and can undertake the design and manufacture of various molds and products. The company has composite design, strength calculation, aerodynamic analysis, and power avionics systems. professional skill. Existing product processes include: autoclave process, hand lay-up vacuum bag pressing, VARI vacuum introduction (mostly composite molds), RTM resin transfer molding, etc.

Product advantages

  • R & D advantages:

    More than ten years of experience in aviation products, mold design and manufacturing, and composite parts;

  • Professionals:

    Skilled in operation, more than 10 years of experience in forming composite products;

  • Key materials:

    All use raw materials from well-known domestic and foreign companies to ensure their stability

  • Aviation mold:

    High temperature and high gloss carbon fiber or aviation aluminum alloy mold;

  • Equipment process:

    Fully equipped to meet prepreg, hand lay-up, vacuum introduction and other processes. Various composite parts and molds can be produced;

  • Guarantee system:

    Airworthiness management system, AS9100D aviation system and military qualifications, etc.;

Product display

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