Sunward SA60L-T

Product description

The Sunward SA60L-T high prototype aircraft (Jingqing series) is based on the Shanhe SA60L light sport aircraft. It is equipped with a turbocharged engine Rotax914. It can reach the maximum take-off power at an altitude of 2450m and the maximum continuous power at an altitude of 4500m, effectively increasing the height of the aircraft. Altitude take-off and landing, climbing performance and high altitude adaptability.

Application: private flight, personnel training, tourism, sports and entertainment, aerial survey and remote sensing, aerial photography

Product parameter



Take-off speed

85 km/h flap 10°

Horizontal machine height


Maximum climb rate




Takeoff and run off the ground (altitude 1800)

220 m

Main track

1.79 m

Landing and running stop distance (altitude 1800)

200 m

Empty weight

350 kg

Maneuvering load limit

+4G -2G

Maximum take-off weight

600 kg

Glide ratio

4500 m

Unsurpassable speed

265 km/h

Maximum ceiling

400mm X350mm, can load 20kg

Stall speed

73 km/h flap 45°

Can carry aerial survey/ aerial photography equipment weight

40kg front, 20kg rear

Cruising speed

205 km/h

Device window size

Front opening 500mmX400mm/rear opening 350mmX350mm

Product advantages

  • Safety

    Turbocharged engines can reduce the risk of carburetor icing and improve aircraft safety.

  • Economy

    The cruising speed of the aircraft at high altitude increases and the range is longer. Use unleaded and alcohol-free gasoline for vehicles above RON95, which is easy to use and low operating cost; use 95# unleaded and alcohol-free gasoline for vehicles, one 60-liter fuel tank on each of the left and right wings, full load of 120L, fuel consumption per hour 12 -16 liters, can provide a one-way range of more than 1200km, fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only about 8 liters

  • Adaptability

    Adopting supercharged engine Rotax914, high-altitude propellers have large pull force and short take-off and landing distances, making the aircraft more applicable in high-altitude areas.

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