Sunward SA160 Five-seater Aircraft

Product description

The "Shanhe SA160L" five-seater aircraft is a single-engine, five-seater monoplane developed by Sunward Technology in accordance with the airworthiness regulations of China Civil Aviation CCAR-23. It is positioned in the piston high-end luxury private aircraft market. The flight experience is the goal, the overall technical indicators of the aircraft have reached the world's advanced level, and the control performance, side stick control experience, flight speed and other aspects will reach the world's leading level of similar models. Shanhe SA160L five-seater aircraft adopts the first three-point non-retractable landing gear, the maximum cruising speed is 350 km/h, and the range is 2,200 kilometers. The aircraft adopts a full composite body, high strength and low weight, and can be used for private business training. , General Aviation Preparation, High-end Private Flight, etc.

Product parameter

Full length

7.8 m

Ceiling SC

7600 m

Overall height

2.8 m

Maximum range Rmax

2200 km


10.5 m

Takeoff run distance


Wing area

14.4 m2

Landing distance


Cockpit width × height

1.2 m×1.2 m

Maximum take-off weight


Maximum level flight speed VH

350 km/h

Maximum landing weight


Cruising speed VC

(75% power)

Structure empty weight


Stall speed Vs0


number of seats


Insurmountable speed


Maximum oil load


Rate of climb ROC

7 m/s

Product advantages

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