SA70U Fixed-wing UAV

Product description

The Sunward SA70U multifunctional UAV is an unmanned aerial vehicle system developed on the basis of the Arora SA60L two-seater light sports aircraft. Overall it is consistent with Aurora SA60L, the aerodynamic shape of the wing and tail remain unchanged, the first three-point landing gear, the lower single wing, and the forward-pull propeller. It can be used for unmanned investigation, detection, surveying and mapping, communication relay, cargo transportation, etc.

Mount interface:

The front abdomen of the fuselage retains the front hole mounting interface of the remote sensing version, which can carry a 40kg load, which is mainly used to carry equipment that collects data vertically, including surveying and mapping equipment, geological prospecting equipment, line inspection equipment, etc.

The middle and rear abdomen of the fuselage retains an aerial window (round hole) interface, which can carry a 40kg load. In addition to being used for devices that collect data vertically, it can also be used for devices with viewing angles or tracking functions, such as surveillance equipment, Optical sighting equipment, etc.

The left and right wings are each designed with two universal mounting interfaces to ensure that each interface can be installed with a weight of 45kg, and the wing can mount a total weight of 180kg.

Product parameter

Empty machine weight


Maximum range

3,500 kilometers

Maximum take-off weight


Engine power


Fuel tank capacity


Maximum battery life





28V >2kw

Cruising speed


Data link communication distance


Product advantages

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