Skill requirements:

AutoCAD mechanical design catia

Job Responsibilities:

1. According to the assigned work tasks and design standards, complete the analysis and calculation, three-dimensional and two-dimensional design drawing tasks of the general aircraft new product development and improvement process on time, and provide complete and standardized technical documents and design drawings to meet the product design requirements . Participate in technical review and appraisal.

2. The whole process of tracking the sample trial production of the product development process, timely recording and improving the technical problems of the sample production process, and forming a standardized technical improvement document. Provide relevant product technical opinions for product feasibility analysis.

3. Establish the idea of product marketing and production services, and timely participate in solving technical problems before, during and after the performance of the contract. Provide product technical description and other technical information, and participate in the preparation of training materials and user training.

4. Put forward technical patent application suggestions and provide corresponding technical documents.

job requirements:

1. Major in mechanical design, aircraft structure design, aircraft design, vehicle engineering, composite material structure design, etc., bachelor degree or above, and more than three years of structural design work experience.

2. Engaged in aircraft structure design, structure optimization, mechanical analysis, etc., experience in composite aircraft design is preferred.

3. Familiar with AutoCAD, CATIA and other software, familiar with processing technology, and have a good grasp of product production process.

Salary and benefits:

1. Insurance benefits: five social insurance and one housing fund, mutual aid insurance for major diseases, accident insurance;

2. Life benefits: staff canteens, staff dormitories, free tooling, holiday gifts, birthday gifts, weddings and funerals, labor union materials, regular health check-ups;

3. Holiday benefits: paid annual leave, statutory leave, wedding and funeral leave, (accompaniment) maternity leave, breastfeeding leave;

4. Cultural and sports activities: company annual meeting, headquarters celebration activities, parent-child activities, departmental activities, monthly employee activities;

5. Training development: induction training, pre-job training, on-the-job training, external training.

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