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Sunward Arora-Chinese flying in!


On July 20, 2019, Beijing time, the Sunward SA60L (Arora) aircraft (U.S. national number N871LS) took off from KDTO Airport in Texas, the United States. After nearly 8 and a half hours, it flew for a total distance of 765 nautical miles (about 1416 kilometers). Flew safely to KOSH Airport in Wisconsin, USA, the world famous general aviation exhibition EAA (flyer conference) ushered in a "heavyweight" Chinese guest!

(Pilot Patrick conducts pre-takeoff flight test of Arora)

(The crew of this flight: Pilot Patrick and Shanhe Technology Engineer Guan Bin)

In order to ensure the smooth completion of the entire flight mission, after taking off from KDTO airport, N871LS stopped at KJLN and KBRL airports to prepare the aircraft and crew, refueling, re-testing, and crew trimming...no one less, eight and a half. After I was a child, N871LS landed smoothly at KOSH Airport-the first flight of Shanhe SA60L (Arrola) in North America was successfully completed.

(Flying over the Oshkosh Wittmann Airport where the EAA exhibition is held)

(N871LS enters the EAA Shanhe booth)

Sunward SA60L is China's first advanced composite material model to enter the US market. This signifies that the US Civil Aviation Administration, which represents the world's highest airworthiness level, has fully recognized Sunward's aircraft design capabilities and technological level. At present, Sunward has a leading market share in the domestic light sports aircraft market, and Sunward’s aircraft performance and overall quality have reached world-class levels. Sunward SA60L (Arrola), as a transoceanic guest from the East, will also combine good quality, excellent performance, and superior cost performance, and shoulder the mission of promoting Chinese national brands to the world. It is not only a hobby of world aviation It provides a brand new choice and will contribute to the "Made in China" going global!

About EAA:

EAA is the English abbreviation of Experimental Aircraft Association "American Experimental Aircraft Association". It was established in January 1953 by more than 30 amateur self-made aircraft enthusiasts in the United States. The original intention of the association was only to help amateur aircraft manufacturers learn and communicate. After nearly sixty years, EAA has become an international sports aviation organization with more than 160,000 members, and it is for aviation enthusiasts of different ages and types. (From teenagers to the elderly, from pilots, designers, manufacturers to visionaries and doers, people who are interested in airplanes and those who fly airplanes) provide various services and activities.

The EAA Flyer Conference began in 1953 and is held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin in the last week of July every summer. Each time there are tens of thousands of aircraft of various sizes and nearly a million fanatical aviation from all over the world. Fans participate in this flying event, most of which are privately owned or self-made small aircraft. Now the influence of the EAA annual meeting is getting bigger and bigger. Almost all the aircrafts in the world, such as Concorde and A380, have been shown in Oshkosh.

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